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Disc Weights

Disc Weights

Most golf discs are manufactured in a variety of weights, resulting in the commonly asked question, “what weight should I choose?” While there is no answer that is right for everyone, there are some guidelines that we follow in helping players select the best disc weight for their game.

Golf discs can vary in weight from 120 to 180 grams. While some models come in this wide array of weights, a more common selection for most discs is 165 – 175g. Many new players to the sport assume that the best weight to start with is 175g, as this is the weight of most traditional Frisbees ® (ultimate discs). This, however, is not the best way to select the proper disc weight.

For players who are just starting out, the most important factors in selecting a disc weight are the players age, size, and strength. The table below summarizes our recommendations for selecting an initial driver. Please note that these recommendations are geared towards new players. Once you have started playing, you will be able to experiment with the weights that suit your throwing style the best.

Player Type Disc Type 120-144g 145-159g 160-169g 170-172g 173-176g
Children 7 and Under Drivers Best OK      
  Mid-Range Best OK      
  Putters Best OK      
Boys 8-12, Girls 8-18 Drivers   Best* OK    
  Mid-Range   Best* OK    
  Putters   Best* OK    
Women 18+, Boys 13-16 Drivers   Best† Best*    
  Mid-Range   Best† Best*†    
  Putters   Best† Best*†    
Boys/Men 16+ Drivers   OK Best* Best†  
  Mid-Range       Best* Best
  Putters       Best* Best

Players who are smaller in stature or who have less than average strength should also consider one weight class lighter.
†  Players who are large in stature or who have greater than average strength may also consider one weight class higher.

In general, lighter discs will have more glide and will travel farther than heavier discs. In addition, a heavier disc will behave as if it is more stable since it takes more force to get the same spin on a heavier disc. Heavier discs also perform better in windy conditions. Since mid-range discs and putters are generally not thrown full-force and are more susceptible to wind, we sometimes recommend moving up one weight class for these discs.

Please Note: Players in Japan are only allowed to play with 150g Class discs.